Episode 66 – The Fugitive

A movie that’s as respected as it is parodied, 1993’s The Fugitive takes an old tv show that a lot of people these days probably haven’t even heard of these days and breathed new life as a Harrison Ford action thriller. Is it worth unravelling the mystery or like a certain US Marshal should you …

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Episode 19 – Mrs. Doubtfire

Hellooo! There is a lot to unpack this week with the family comedy classic, Mrs. Doubtfire. So much so, we needed a guest! This week Scott Bordas joins us to discuss a movie that you just know is going to have some problematic moments under the gaze of 2021’s watchful eye. Is the movie still …

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Episode 4 – Army Of Darkness

By sheer luck, we managed to record a spooky movie for our episode closest to Halloween! Travel back in time with us, not just to 1992, but to the Middle Ages as we join Bruce Campbell in his third outing as Ash Williams, the main character of the Evil Dead franchise. Does this horror comedy …

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