Episode 63 – Home Alone

This year’s Burnt Popcorn Christmas movie choice fell to our very own Laura. So what did she pick? Only the best Christmas movie of all time (but maybe not if you’re asking Mike) – Home Alone! This festive week we’re following that little scamp Kevin on his journey to bust some burglars, survive the holidays …

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Episode 49 – Ghost

Part romance, part thriller, part comedy, but does it add up to make a good movie? Join Mike and his love, his darling Laura as they try to figure out the rules that ghosts have to live by and the easiest way to tell a cop that a psychic gave you evidence (you don’t). Get …

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Episode 8 – Total Recall

The ultimate vacation? Or a deep undercover super agent? Mike and Laura dive into their first – but certainly not last – Schwarzenegger flick with Total Recall. It’s got all the late eighties goodies you could ask for, including over the top violence, gratuitous everything, and one liners for days. Get ready to get your …

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