Episode 4 – Army Of Darkness

Burnt Popcorn
Burnt Popcorn
Episode 4 - Army Of Darkness

By sheer luck, we managed to record a spooky movie for our episode closest to Halloween! Travel back in time with us, not just to 1992, but to the Middle Ages as we join Bruce Campbell in his third outing as Ash Williams, the main character of the Evil Dead franchise. Does this horror comedy survive the night or is it dead by dawn? Find out if the special effects hold up, as well as the answers to important questions like how many characters does Ted Raimi play? Why not listen in as well as meet our first guest, first guest film critic Dave Baldwin!

Release Date: October 9th 1992, February 19th 1993

Directed by:
Sam Raimi

Bruce Campbell
Embeth Davidtz

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