James Cameron

Episode 61 – Titanic

61 one episodes in and we’re doing the mother of all number 1 movies – Titanic! Laura is already swooning over Leo’s dreamy blue eyes, so we know her heart will go on. The real question is whether the giant ship stays above water for Mike. Or will this movie sink like a bunch of …

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Episode 50 – Aliens

50 episodes in and to celebrate Mike picks his second favorite movie of all time to watch (we already did his first). We return to Ripley right where we left her, in the cold darkness of space. But after sleeping in longer than she planned the world has changed around her., but the one thing …

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Episode 45 – True Lies

Tuxedo? Check! Beautiful women? Check! Government agency? Check! More guns than you can handle? Check! Wife and kid? Ah Bwuuuuuh?! Get ready for a different kind of spy than the ones you know. How long can Harry keep his double life a secret from his family, and how long can this keep Mike and Laura …

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