Episode 65 – Romeo + Juliet

In the first of our new bi weekly episode format, we look into the world of 90s teen dreaming, when Laura revisits her sexual awakening (her words, seriously) with this Dicaprio starring vehicle. Does this 500 year old work of the bard still work in this modern setting? Or does adapting it to the 90s …

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Episode 17 – Twister

Time to take a look at one of Laura’s guilty pleasure genres – low stakes disaster movies! None of this “the world will end” garbage, let’s talk about tornados! And science! And whether Alan Ruck and Sean Whalen are the same person! Plus this week you get to hear all about “Two Glasses of Wine” …

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Episode 5 – The Craft

A little bit Heathers, a little bit Mean Girls, and a whole lot of 90s goth girl magic, Mike and Laura take a look at THE CRAFT. With Special Guest Kyle/ChibiUFO, join us on a deep dive on the movie that spoke to a generation of outcasts long before they were called ‘Millennials’. Release Date: …

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