Episode 67 – Queen Of The Damned

Burnt Popcorn
Burnt Popcorn
Episode 67 - Queen Of The Damned

It’s our first film from 2002, and Laura picked the… sequel? Spiritual successor? Spinoff? To the only movie both Mike and Laura gave a Burnt rating to, Interview With The Vampire. Will Stuart Townsend’s Lestat make Tom Cruise’s look like a chump? Does the girl from the Mighty Ducks enjoy a different kind of Flying V(a vampire one)? Can Queen of the Damned redeem the franchise in our eyes or is this another case of Laura’s goth heart looking nostalgically back with dark tinted glasses?

Release Date: February 22, 2002

Directed by:
Michael Rymer

Stuart Townsend
Marguerite Moreau
Vincent Perez

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