Episode 68 – Godzilla (1998)

According to the marketing of this movie, size does matter… But does it make for a good movie? Mike and Laura are joined with Godzilla super fan and podcaster Andrew Roebuck to talk about the first American attempt at the Japanese Giant. Is a big bomb or does it somehow fill the very big shoes …

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Episode 66 – The Fugitive

A movie that’s as respected as it is parodied, 1993’s The Fugitive takes an old tv show that a lot of people these days probably haven’t even heard of these days and breathed new life as a Harrison Ford action thriller. Is it worth unravelling the mystery or like a certain US Marshal should you …

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Episode 60 – Speed

Join us as we dig into a 1994 action classic “The Bus that Wouldn’t Slow Down”. I mean Speed. Does this “Die Hard on a _____” entry keep up to speed or are you going to be pulling the wire to get off this ride early? All this and Laura writes her first theme song. …

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Episode 59 – GoldenEye

It took us almost sixty episodes, but we did it! Mike and Laura finally covered a Bond film. And just in time for everyone to have already seen No Time to Die in theatres! How does the Pierce Brosnan era of Bond hold up to Daniel Craig? Is he a hold over of the camp …

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Episode 50 – Aliens

50 episodes in and to celebrate Mike picks his second favorite movie of all time to watch (we already did his first). We return to Ripley right where we left her, in the cold darkness of space. But after sleeping in longer than she planned the world has changed around her., but the one thing …

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Episode 48 – Jurassic Park III

Rounding out the original three Jurassic Park movies, we take one more trip back to Site B to see if the king of the dinosaurs can be dethroned by a new powerhouse dino, or if this pretender derails the franchise instead. Release Date: July 18th, 2001 Directed by:Joe Johnston Starring: Sam NeillWilliam H. MacyTéa Leoni

Episode 45 – True Lies

Tuxedo? Check! Beautiful women? Check! Government agency? Check! More guns than you can handle? Check! Wife and kid? Ah Bwuuuuuh?! Get ready for a different kind of spy than the ones you know. How long can Harry keep his double life a secret from his family, and how long can this keep Mike and Laura …

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Episode 44 – Mortal Kombat

Shout it loud and proud! MORTAL KOMBAT! This week Mike and Laura will be taking a look at the original adaption of the 90s arcade smash. Is this movie a major geek treasure, or does nostalgia blind our hosts into thinking this is a good movie? Well… at least one of our hosts. Is this …

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