Episode 69 – Liar Liar

He can’t lie! Or keep a thought to himself! Does that count as a lie? We’re not sure, but we debate it a lot in this week’s episode of Burnt Popcorn! On our second Jim Carrey outing on the podcast, we’ll see if taking on a more “grounded” character will hold up better than The …

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Episode 61 – Titanic

61 one episodes in and we’re doing the mother of all number 1 movies – Titanic! Laura is already swooning over Leo’s dreamy blue eyes, so we know her heart will go on. The real question is whether the giant ship stays above water for Mike. Or will this movie sink like a bunch of …

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Episode 6 – Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

Join us on an adventure back to 1997. And also 1967! The swingingest, grooviest spy of all time is our focus this week on Burnt Popcorn. Is Austin ‘Danger’ Powers still the sexiest man in espionage? Or just not really our bag, baby? Release Date: May 2nd 1997 Directed by: Jay Roach Starring: Mike MyersElizabeth Hurley