Podcast: Burnt Popcorn

Join Mike & Laura Laidman as they delve into some of our favorite nostalgic films. Do they still hold up or are they as terrible as Burnt Popcorn?

Episode 9 – Rush Hour

Do you understand the words coming out of Mike & Laura’s mouth?! You want action, you want comedy? You want Jackie Chan’s unique slapstick fighting style? We tackle what we remember as one of the best action comedies of the nineties. Does it hold up? Tune in, and remember, never touch a podcaster’s radio! Release …

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Episode 8 – Total Recall

The ultimate vacation? Or a deep undercover super agent? Mike and Laura dive into their first – but certainly not last – Schwarzenegger flick with Total Recall. It’s got all the late eighties goodies you could ask for, including over the top violence, gratuitous everything, and one liners for days. Get ready to get your …

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Episode 6 – Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

Join us on an adventure back to 1997. And also 1967! The swingingest, grooviest spy of all time is our focus this week on Burnt Popcorn. Is Austin ‘Danger’ Powers still the sexiest man in espionage? Or just not really our bag, baby? Release Date: May 2nd 1997 Directed by: Jay Roach Starring: Mike MyersElizabeth Hurley

Episode 5 – The Craft

A little bit Heathers, a little bit Mean Girls, and a whole lot of 90s goth girl magic, Mike and Laura take a look at THE CRAFT. With Special Guest Kyle/ChibiUFO, join us on a deep dive on the movie that spoke to a generation of outcasts long before they were called ‘Millennials’. Release Date: …

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Episode 4 – Army Of Darkness

By sheer luck, we managed to record a spooky movie for our episode closest to Halloween! Travel back in time with us, not just to 1992, but to the Middle Ages as we join Bruce Campbell in his third outing as Ash Williams, the main character of the Evil Dead franchise. Does this horror comedy …

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Episode 3 – Billy Madison

Listen in as this episode Mike just recites the entire movie line by line for the length of the podcast. Well, not really, but he might as well. Laura chose this 1995 goofball comedy to be our next watch and will she regret her choice? Is Billy Madison top of the class, or will it …

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Episode 2 – Top Gun

For Mike’s first pick on our show he’s feeling the need for speed! Travel back to 1986 and see if Tom Cruise’s dog fighting classic is flying high or takes a nose dive in our re-watch. Is the movie cliche or is it the birth of the cliche? Are we just thinking about Hot Shots? …

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Episode 1 – The Mummy

It’s the first ever episode of Burnt Popcorn and we’re kicking things off with a big blockbuster movie! Join us as we take a look back at 1999’s The Mummy. Does it hold up? Are the effects laughable now? Do our Moms still think Brendan Fraser is super hot? Have a listen and find out! …

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