Episode 51 – Legally Blonde

Burnt Popcorn
Burnt Popcorn
Episode 51 - Legally Blonde

Objection, your honour! Overruled! Habeas Corpus! This week Mike and Laura dive into the tense legal world with hotshot legal student Elle Woods in Legally Blonde! What, like it’s hard? Of course it is, it’s Harvard Law! But this plucky young wannabe lawyer isn’t going to let a little homework get her down, is she? Not when she has her man to fight for. But the most important question plaguing our podcast hosts – does Legally Blonde have the right stuff to hold up after 20 years?

Release Date: July 13th, 2001

Directed by:
Robert Luketic

Reese Witherspoon
Luke Wilson
Selma Blair
Victor Garber

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