Episode 23 – Bring it On

Be aggressive! Be, be aggressive! This week Mike and Laura are watching the Citizen Kane of cheerleader movies with Bring It On! Pom poms, pop music, herkies, pyramids, and teen girl rivalries aplenty. We hope this episode warms you up because BRR! It’s cold in here! There must be some podcasts in the atmosphere! Release …

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Episode 20 – Gone In 60 Seconds

Vroom Vroom Cars! Seriously, who’s writing these captions? Does it matter? You’ve got prime Nic Cage, Angelina Jolie during her ‘I’m sexy and kiss my brother and marry Billy Bob Thorton’ phase, and a ton of the sexiest, fastest cars the year 2000 had to offer. Let’s ride! Release Date: June 9 2000 Directed by:Dominic …

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