Podcast: Burnt Popcorn

Join Mike & Laura Laidman as they delve into some of our favorite nostalgic films. Do they still hold up or are they as terrible as Burnt Popcorn?

Episode 59 – GoldenEye

It took us almost sixty episodes, but we did it! Mike and Laura finally covered a Bond film. And just in time for everyone to have already seen No Time to Die in theatres! How does the Pierce Brosnan era of Bond hold up to Daniel Craig? Is he a hold over of the camp …

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Episode 58 – The Fly

It took 58 episodes, but we finally got some real body horror to discuss this week! Yes, the oft overlooked genre of horror that’s not only gross, but fascinating! And no one does it better than Cronenberg. But will Mike and Laura be able to keep it together as Brundle becomes the titular fly? Or …

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Episode 55 – Halloween

The Night He Came Home! The one, the only, the OG of one named slashers, Michael Myers makes his first appearance on Burnt Popcorn. It’s Spooktober and we are finally getting down to business with Halloween. Will we shriek? Will we jump? You’ll have to listen to find out. Release Date: October 25, 1978 Directed …

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Episode 53 – Casper

Spooky season is upon us and that means slashers, ghouls, and… friendly ghosts? That’s right, Mike and Laura are kicking off Spooktober with the family friendly Casper! The real question is, can Laura make it through the episode without quoting, “Can I keep you?” The answer is no. Release Date: May 26, 1995 Directed by:Brad …

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Episode 52 – Star Wars: A New Hope

Well folks, it finally happened. Mike finally made Laura go watch a Star War. Did she like it? Did she hate it? Or was she completely indifferent to it? You’ll just have to listen and find out for yourselves! Release Date: May 25, 1977 Directed by:George Lucas Starring: Mark HamillCarrie FisherHarrison Ford

Episode 51 – Legally Blonde

Objection, your honour! Overruled! Habeas Corpus! This week Mike and Laura dive into the tense legal world with hotshot legal student Elle Woods in Legally Blonde! What, like it’s hard? Of course it is, it’s Harvard Law! But this plucky young wannabe lawyer isn’t going to let a little homework get her down, is she? …

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Episode 50 – Aliens

50 episodes in and to celebrate Mike picks his second favorite movie of all time to watch (we already did his first). We return to Ripley right where we left her, in the cold darkness of space. But after sleeping in longer than she planned the world has changed around her., but the one thing …

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